State of the ArtSpace

Are Worlds Colliding?

We developed ‘ArtSpace’ based on our worldview that the contemporary art market doesn’t have to remain closed off, it can and should be more accessible.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

No. Worlds are Connecting.

The value of an artwork is heavily determined by the strength of the emotional connection it is able to create in its prospective buyer.

Down to a Fine Art

Dealers by nature are innovators and early adopters seeking out unique, special, one of a kind art and artists. However, their model remains antiquated as they must rely on the large, high cost art houses to provide them infrastructure. (Similar to real estate brokerages). Shedding the large brokerage house puts most, if not all, commissions into the dealer’s pocket rather than pay a large cut to the house. This ‘new’ model enables dealers to service their clientele and run their own ‘house’, making it easier to function and ride out cycles.

  • Integrated technology to support required infrastructure
  • Exclusive service professionals in legal and accounting
  • Inventory management software
  • Art storage facilities and full service access
  • Art libraries
  • Gallery space for shows
  • Event & entertaining space
  • Private viewing rooms for clients
  • Building amenities to support a mobile office environment



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Amit Baria

Amit Baria

Entrepreneur | Investor | Thought Provoker.