Panning for Goals

The Goal Setting Process

Although not perfect, having a process has proven beneficial and of great importance. I’ve adopted one that follows these guidelines:

  1. List out goals short term & long term in the context of professional and personal interests
  2. Cut the list down to 20% (dispose of or back-burner the others)
  3. Pick the top 3 (1 Professional, 1 Personal, 1 People Giving back and back-burner the others)
  4. Break these down into achievable milestones for the year
  • Economic (Income & equity value)
  • Foundation for a sustainable client base & recurring revenue stream
  • Potential for ancillary revenue streams, enables ability to touch various parts of the value chain
  • Strong global network & referral base
  • High barrier to entry into Family Office & Private Equity base; connecting with decision makers
  • Adopting a direct sales approach versus a familiar joint venture approach
  • Financial structuring
  • Appealing to targeted client base — ‘speaking their language”
  • Senior associates @ the firm
  • Leveraging currently affiliated and new niche industry networking groups
  1. 80/20 Output
  • Create succinct, digestible marketing material
  • Building trust through referrals, existing clients and associates
  • Prospect & email daily
  • Weekly — how much did I accomplish? What worked and did not?
  • Marketing material completed by 6/30
  • 2 clients by end of Q3 2018
  • 1 client by end of Q4 2018
  • Completion of a lifelong dream
  • Revival and justification of a suppressed talent
  • Potential for an additional career path
  • Utilizing creative ability
  • Starting strong then losing steam
  • Overfilling my plate
  • Pushing it aside, not a work/professional priority
  • Research becomes overwhelming & time consuming
  • Novel planning; outline
  • Content development; plot & character development
  • Storytelling ability
  • Loved ones & friends for honest feedback & support
  1. 80/20 Output
  • Write daily
  • Separate research time from writing time
  • Write 250–300 words
  • Spend 5 minutes planning next day’s writing idea (outline) the day before
  • Weekly — how much did I accomplish? What worked and did not?
  • Outline complete by 5/30
  • Scene list complete by 6/30
  • 10,000 words by 07/31/18
  • 20,000 words by 08/31/18
  • 30,000 words by 09/31/18
  • 40,000 words by 10/31/18
  • 50,000 words by 12/31/18
  • Humanity, aiding those without the means who don’t have a chance
  • Legacy for a family member
  • Lack of knowledge about starting such an organization
  • Time commitment taken from business building
  • Sourcing candidates and donations
  • Financial & legal structuring
  • Tapping family networks
  • Family & friends
  1. 80/20 Output
  • Finding the right point person to commit to sourcing candidates
  • Funding the first education myself
  • Monthly — how much did we accomplish? What worked and did not?
  • Establish mission statement by 5/30
  • Gauge interest / viability from inner circle and select professionals involved in charity by 7/30
  • Build the equivalent of a ‘MVP’ (minimum viable product) by 10/30
  • Build team
  • Website

Do Less to Do More.

And now the difficult part. Get hyper-focused and cut down to 1 goal.

Fully understand the motivation behind the goal. Pick the strongest ‘why’.

Goal 2 — Personal : Pen a Novel



Entrepreneur | Investor | Thought Provoker.

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Amit Baria

Amit Baria

Entrepreneur | Investor | Thought Provoker.