Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

Breakdown of the HOA

Framing the Shot

The Lens is Still On

Getting the Project Green Lit

  • Longtime resident and board member; has held position for over 8 years
  • Recently divorced, 52-year-old male, no kids
  • Freelance accountant works from home
  • Does not seem happy with new tenants moving in
  • Poor relationship with building tenants, overall
  • Votes almost anything down that isn’t a repair
  • Longtime resident, newer board member
  • Single, 45-year-old unmarried female, no kids
  • Temp admin professional in NY
  • Speak progressively in open forum but voting inconsistent
  • Owner and board member for less than a year
  • Male, 32-year-old married father of a newborn
  • Progressive tech professional
  • Wants to implement technology, efficiency, communication to the building
  • As the newcomer does not want to stir the pot too much
  • Tends to vote against the status quo
  • Her Father built the building 30 years ago, newer board member
  • Open minded, leans progressive, has building best interest in mind
  • Has history with John and Neela and older residents
  • Single, divorced female, 48 years old
  • Emotional connection to the building, her Father’s legacy
  • Nancy tends to be an open thinker, has influence, but vote can be swayed but avoids friction
  • Longtime owner and board member, rents his unit out
  • Busy 50-year-old male professional with 2 kids, wants this role to be easy, therefore remains
  • Passive, defers to John and Neela for decision making, votes along with
  • Not a resident, therefore little concern for building safety
  • As treasurer, concerned with budget — any unnecessary expense is voted against
  • Believes building is sufficient, safety not a critical concern

How was the Decision Made?

But there were squatters living in the building!



Entrepreneur | Investor | Thought Provoker.

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Amit Baria

Amit Baria

Entrepreneur | Investor | Thought Provoker.