Airbn-Beat Marriott to It

Breaking Down their ABN

  • Prominent global real estate (properties)
  • Strong legacy brand and distinct sub brand portfolio
  • Top notch hospitality customer service / loyal staff
  • Worldwide training program
  • Comprehensive reservation system
  • Comprehensive back office system
  • Equity / Cash
  • Licensing agreements (Flag)
  • Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Properties in certain locations that fit legacy brand & portfolio market
  • Properties where our competitors are
  • Minimum standard of service across portfolio
  • Specific property type — min and maximum room count, development, location and structural requirement
  • Property must fit the brand identity
  • Must create memorable experiences to create brand loyalty
  • We cater to high end and business travelers
  • We are premium

What’s the value in an asset?

Marriott missed a significant diversification opportunity.

Should Marriott’s board be worried?




Entrepreneur | Investor | Thought Provoker.

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Amit Baria

Amit Baria

Entrepreneur | Investor | Thought Provoker.

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